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Gas Savers - Quick to install, Quick Payback



With the cost of gas, LPG & Heating oil majorly increasing in price year on year businesses need to think about methods of managing this increasing cost for their boiler systems.

SMARTech energy have many SMART solutions to manage these costs and SMART GAS SAVERS is one of our low cost solutions which acts as a quick win for our clients in managing their heat and domestic hot water costs. Scientific research has shown that the introduction of magnets to fuel systems, the magnetic field when applied correctly across the whole area aligns and reduces the hydrocarbons within the fuel, thus  improves combustion efficiency and improves the fuel efficiency which saves considerable amounts of money.

SMARTech energy only supply for your boiler systems a high quality Gas Saver magnetic solution, with very strong magnetic fields, as there are plenty of cheap poor quality one’s on the market. We are that confident with our SMART GAS SAVERS that we offer a 120 day money back guarantee, which allows plenty of time to keep track of the savings achieved, which can be managed with our start of the art real time monitoring system.

SMART Gas savers have a proven record of achieving great results whatever the fuel is, Gas, Low Pressure Gas (LPG) or Heating Oil, but this is only achieved if the correct solution is specified and installed in the correct location, once installed they are completely maintenance free.

We are that confident in this product that we supply a 120 day money back guarantee which allows plenty of time to prove the savings which would be calculated once a site survey is carried out. Plenty of commercial clients are already benefiting from big savings by installing Gas Savers, if you would like to compare similar business case studies to yourself please get in contact.

To find out more and understand how much energy SMART Gas Savers can save your business contact us today.


  • Energy savings of up to 10%
  • Reduce Gas/LPG/ Heating oil consumption
  • No moving parts or electricity required
  • 120-day customer satisfaction with money back guarantee
  • 10-year warranty
Gas savings up to 16%
LPG Saving up to 18%
Heating Oil savings up to 50%
Reduces Limescale by up to 50%